2014              Alan Arena                                Fortune Wheel                                                             Alan Arena Records

2011              Wild Bill and Chris Fury         Good Groove:  American Roots Music                     B and C Records

2010              Swallow                                     Out of the Nest                                                             Wounded Bird Records

2010              Swallow                                     Swallow                                                                         Wounded Bird Records

2006              Music for Middlesex                Live CD featuring Johnny A, New England,           PH Productions
                                                                          Rockin' George Leh, James Montgomery, and
                                                                          many other great musicians

2002              Rockin' George Leh                  Danger Zone                                                                 Bow Records

1996              West End Blues Band               Beantown Drive                                                           Hammertone Records

1990              Rockin' Shoes                            Bo-town Does Mo-town                                              Fast Track Records

1988              Powerhouse                               Lovin' Machine                                                            Powerhouse Records

1984              Powerhouse                               Nightlife                                                                        Powerhouse Records

1981              Rockin' George Leh                  I Ain't Lyin'/Ya Ya                                                        Bow Records

1979              Geoff Muldaur                          Blues Boy                                                                       Flying Fish

1976              Powerhouse                              Nightlife                                                                         Aladdin Records

1974              Skyhook                                     Live at Jack's                                                                  Rulu Records

1973              Swallow                                     Swallow                                                                          Warner Brothers Records

1972              Swallow                                     Yes I'll Say It/Aches and Pains                                    Warner Brothers Records

1972              Swallow                                     Out of the Nest                                                              Warner Brothers Records